Sunday, August 12, 2007


Ah, the bane of my existence...

Well, actually not all is bad today. We were on schedule arriving at Glasgow Airport (holding up our end of the bargin) but the airplane couldn't seem to deliver, so I'm stuck here in the airport for another 5.5 hours. Don't worry, I have trail mix. (Call the Airline, but I'm guessing that we'll get in closer to 7pm now than 5pm).

In good news, guess who didn't have to pay ANY excess baggage fees? (I know, it's a tricky one...). That's right, kids....ME! It was a small miracle. I did pray over my luggage as I locked the suitcases this morning. Seems as though God heard me. But honestly, I'm allowed to take 20kg on this small Zoom Airlines flight, and I have a total of 50.7kg combined in my two suitcases. I was looking at a £6.50 per kilo excess baggage charge which would have resulted in something like a million dollars CAD with the astronomical exchange rate. So yes, definitely a miracle.

Don't have much time left here at this I'll save all the riveting UK tour stories for another day.

There's no place like home.



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