Sunday, June 24, 2007

...The Pirate Party...

"O better to far to live and die,
under the brave black flag I fly
Then play a sanctimonious part,
with a pirate head, and a pirate heart!"
~ Gilbert and Sullivan, The Pirates of Penzance~

Before the party I applied my artistic skills to helping people get ready - sewed a few eye-patches, applied a few tattoos, tied a few scarves. It was memorable.

Meghan-the-Pirate-Wench and Emily-the-Pirate-Queen (Jack Sparrow is my boyfriend).

Ahoy, me mates! Some fellow pirates, looking well....not so piratey.
Ah well. It's the thought that counts.

My friend Naomi - she works for the SL government and I see her mostly at Bible Study.

Captain Waiser and Pepe the Parrot. At least he's wearing a kerchief. Sheesh people. The Captain works for the Special Court, and is a fellow Canuck. Arrrrrgggg!

What pirate party would be complete without a parrot, I ask you?? Certainly photo-worthy.

And finally, to add a little excitement to the night, so very daring, very pirate-esque fire-jumping. People are insane. It's all fun and games until someone needs a peg leg.


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drink up me hearties yo ho


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