Thursday, June 14, 2007

...almost there!...

One day left!!

I can almost taste it (incidentally, it tastes like a strawberry and peach frozen yogurt, which I haven't had for a year. Or maybe an Iced Cap from Timmy's. Such a difficult decision).

Today we're cleaning out desks, handing back textbooks, throwing away all the work we did...yep, makes me feel VERY useful.

This afternoon we're going to deliver the school packs we put together with the money raised from our 30 Hour Famine. It should be good - I hope it goes well. I forgot to bring my camera so won't be able to take any pictures.

Yesterday we had the closing ceremony for the school (also called the "end of year program") It was pretty good in a 3-hour-long-I-think-I'm-going-to-die-and-I-hate-wearing-a-skirt sort of way. My kids played guitar, did a cool musical number with these chime things that you hit (each one has a different sound, each kid is assigned something like 4 chimes each and they have to coordinate to play a piece of music together), and played recorder. We also made a presentation to Mrs. Leigh - a collage the grade 6/7s had made during class and one of the students framed. Mrs. Leigh called today and told me to thank the kids - she said it was the most beautiful and creative gift she has received from students. Score! My grade 8 students made a video ("This is your life"), where they interviewed students and staff for memories of Mr. Leigh etc. There's a very nice picture montage at the end...The other classes made some poems etc. and with Justin's help we put them all together in a 'memory book' and then all of the gifts went into a big, carved wooden box. It was really nice! Mrs. Leigh has left for about a month's visit home, but returns in mid-July to welcome her replacement, Michael Geneser to AISF.

All in all, a crazily busy time! I can't wait to be move on to interviewing.

I need a holiday!


At 11:02 AM, Blogger Cameron said...

Well done friend...
If you'll kindly turn West, raise your right hand, and thrust it forward slightly you'll receive the high five I sent across the ocean your way upon reading this!
Keep breezy!


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