Tuesday, April 03, 2007

...Spring Break...

"White girl!"

*hiss* *hiss*


*kiss* *kiss*

"Wetin na yu nam?"


"I love you!"

"Yu git fayn shape!"

*hiss* *hiss*

"oohhh...white girl!"


Just another walk down the road here in Freetown....

This is the 3-D model of Africa that one of my grade 8 students made. I'm so proud. *sniff*

We're on holiday now for a week, so I'm perpetually frustrated by bad internet connections at local internet cafes and thus won't be posting much this week. I head 'up line' or 'up country' on Friday with my friend Adama to the village she comes from called Mange. On Easter monday I'm going to cook a roast lamb...it's going to be sweet! (which, incidentally is also the word used in Krio to describe good tasting food, how appropriate). My mother even sent me a recipe for making my own mint sauce, just in case I can't find it in the supermarket...and talking about that, I need to get going. So much on my to-do list and so little of it actually getting done...

Happy Easter everyone!


At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear emily

I'm in London heading home now after my 5 weeks in Salone. I just couldn't get together with you as I was at the mercy of others' transportation. I had a hard time and a good time. Your blog about easter actually made me wistful cause I got invited to the river outing in the Tonkililli district just outside of Magburaka with my new friends there. It would have been fun to celebrate easter with them, but I will be at home with my parents.
more when I get home and settled.
Sarah duncan


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